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What We Do:

  • Reduce your operating costs by 20 - 30 per cent for homes, business, industry
  • Upgrade, monitor and continually improve your energy efficiency, freeing up capital for other needs
  • Factor climate change adaptation into infrastructure development – plan for new and extreme weather reality – wind – rain - snow – cold - heat

How We Do It

  • We find the best value in green-tech products from a global supply chain
  • We assess your needs and energy costs, based on energy assessments
  • We design a strategic plan to achieve best value for money spent
  • We bundle products to ensure fastest payback time for every project
  • We finance your investment in efficiency. Energy savings cover payments. After payback, the savings are yours.

What We Offer

  • From solar hot water in the dead of winter to green electricity to the cleanest indoor air on the planet, we offer more than 50 innovative building materials and unique energy systems.
  • Our solutions are custom-designed
  • Our products and services unite the best practices in efficiently managing air, water, waste and energy.

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If you’re not building/operating LEED projects today, your competitors are, and they’re gaining the experience & expertise for future projects.